Pistol Project

4H Shooting Sports – Pistol Project



In this project the 4H doctrine of “Learning By Doing” is upheld and followed.  All students will participate and learn through a series of classes involving lectures, quizzes, maintaining and shooting pistols.


Please allow me to introduce your instructors for this project.

Kenneth Croy, 4H Shooting Sports – Pistol Project Lead Instructor.


Danny Vukobratovich, 4H Shooting Sports – Pistol Project Instructor.


In this project you will begin learning about safely handling, loading, unloading, shooting and maintaining pistols as used in sporting applications.  I say “begin learning about” because handling, shooting and maintaining any firearm is a lifelong learning process.  The Key Element here is to perform all of these activities SAFELY every time you touch or handle a firearm.  This is especially true when handling and using pistols due to their small size.